The Problems
of Goblins

This poster design was created for the Spokane Falls Community College, Spartan Theatre. The main concept came from the director and was intended to portray goblins outside in their natural habitat.

Poster Mock-Up

This is a poster displayed as it would be in the Spartan Theatre. The Problems of Goblins was a virtual event that was promoted on the Spokane Falls Community College website.


For this project I looked up pictures of the PNW for background inspiration. I also found inspiration from cartoon monsters and illustrations.

Sketch Out The Rough

The rough was sketched out by the director and this was among the first computer roughs I drafted. The goblins needed to be popping out of the frame and the font had not been decided yet. This was discussed with the director and writer of the play for input.

Build It Out

This poster design was built using Illustrator. I used gradient colors within the goblins.