Japanese Flower Illustration

This project utilized Adobe Illustrator and a lot of work done using the pen tool. From there the blend tool was used to create lines petal by petal shaping the flower.

Product Mock-Ups

This illustration was placed on beauty products. The design was used on the caps of the illustration while also showcasing the entire flower on the front cover of some of the prodcuts.


First step is to research the projects key components. I find a lot of imagery to get inspiration from. For this project it was all about finding the right flower.

Sketch Out The Rough

The second step was to sketch out the rough draft. Having a solid rough can save you so much time going into the final piece.

Build It Out

I find which program is going to best suite the needs of this design. For this project, Illustrator was perfect to use because this is more of a vector graphic that can be resized with clean lines.